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Kenneth John Holmes
13/05/2020 18:42:44

My British Seamans Identity Card Number:R694534. Sailed on the Strathaird on five occasions commencing 23June 158. I was the Ships Writer. These were "ten pounds poms¨ sailings Tilbury to Sydney. I had earlier served two years in the Army. My final sailing was on the Strathmore 7 April 1960. I have fond memories of the Strathaird having organised a ships concert and having arranged and played football in Sydney. Those were the days!!! I have sailed several times to UK.subsequently either to Dover or Hull.

David Andrews
11/01/2022 15:26:43

Sailed on her from Tilbury England to Melbourne Australia with my father Robert George Andrews my sister Mary and my brother Phillip Left in May 1957 and arrived Melbourne approx 25th June 1957. It took around 6 weeks as the Suez Canal was closed due to fighting so we had to sail to Cape Town in South Africa. Had my 10th Birthday on the Strathaird just out from Fremantle. Thoroughly enjoyed the Voyage over albeit being a bit rough at times and remember chasing my meals up and down the dining table.

Jeanie Mason
08/12/2023 14:16:57

Came out in 1959 on the Strathaird with my family from Scotland to Melbourne. I was only 7 but I have strong memories of our trip which was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved that ship, she was very beautiful. It was a first class experience even though it was assisted passage. The staff and crew were excellent. I have a life long love of the Strathaird. What a great pity she had to go to the breakers! I still have menus, passenger list, my certificate for crossing the equator and my little mini life out with the ships logo on it. I would love to find some more Strathaird items.

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