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  • Donne Marshall

    13/05/2020 18:42:19

    What a memory! I travelled deck class on Rajula from Madras to Penang (11 days)as part of a journey round the world in 1968. One of my most memorable experiences - beaten repeatedly at chess by highly skilled Indian players. Now feeling old at 76 yrs.

  • Dennis Brown

    21/01/2021 17:41:42

    Like Donne, lovely memories of brass and mahogany and the Land Rover being lifted on and off the ship in rope slings, safely and expertly, as it happened. The year 1970. Vivid memories of the steerage class passengers being forcefully evicted on reaching Penang. Still excited by travel and currently thwarted from completing a drive around the world, by Covid-19.

  • William Daniels

    21/01/2021 17:35:36

    My father served on SS Rajula as a Cadet Officer in 1944, troop sip serving Burma. He says she was a luck ship, her sister was sunk with heavy loss of life.

  • Derek Pond

    21/01/2021 17:35:19

    Same journey from Madras to Penang (1971 overland from London to Darwin) A truly memorable journey . We were so lucky to be able to travel like this. (Remember the chess 😃) 3rd class.

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