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Gill Vaughan
31/03/2023 10:19:49

I was in an antique shop in Blairgowrie Perthshire today and bought a gorgeous rolstar table lighter, unused. It says SS Chusanon it. Just googled and here I am. Want to know more. Beautiful ship!

Ian Thomas
08/12/2023 14:17:39

Hi Gill, I was just nosing around and saw your comment. I went on the Chusan with parents and younger brother in 1966, I was 11. It was our first family cruise. We called at Ajaccio and Naples (did an excusion to the Isle of Capri) I can remember, but not sure after that - maybe Cadiz and pretty certain Lisbon. Being so young I found the days at sea a bit boring but there was a large playroom overlooking the sea (metal mesh wall) and I spent a lot of time kicking a football around. It was a two-class ship which meant that (broadly) half the passengers enjoyed two-thirds of the ship and the other half (us included!) were squished into the rear third. But I have some shots of her lying at anchor in Ajaccio bay (we landed by tender) and she does look sleek. Best wishes

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