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About P&O Heritage

As our name suggests, P&O Heritage, exists to preserve and celebrate the maritime history and collections of P&O, one of the best known shipping companies in the world.

We have designed our website to allow our collections - and the rich heritage of P&O - to be more accessible to the public, thereby continuing to keep alive the memory of the enormous contribution P&O has made to numerous people and countries around the world for 185 years.

Behind the scenes, the P&O Heritage Collection, is cared for by a small dedicated team of three: Curator, Digital Curator and Web editor and Conservator, based in the European headquarters of DP World. Our vast and varied collections of archives and artefacts tell the story of P&O and the numerous shipping lines it acquired, including Orient Line, British India and many more.

The P&O Heritage Collection is a vital cultural and business asset of over 30,000 historical items which charts the innovations and developments of British shipping and global trade over two centuries.  P&O Heritage is owned and operated by DP World which takes great pride in its efforts to safeguard and share this legacy collection.




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