About P&O Maritime Logistics

P&O Maritime Logistics is a leading provider of critical logistics support and marine solutions to the global energy industry. The company focuses on three core business segments: offshore, port services and cargo transport.

The company, headquartered in Dubai, was formed in 2019 and is part of the DP World group. It is building on the 185-year legacy of P&O to bring smart, end-to-end supply chain solutions to the modern energy industry.

Operating worldwide, P&O Maritime Logistics owns and operates approximately 400 vessels. They are supported by comprehensive maintenance facilities, meaning the company provides a wide portfolio of value-added services that can be integrated with customer operations. The business’ operating model is fully scalable across vessels, operations, and geographies, using technology and real-time data to maximise efficiency.

Within the offshore segment, P&O Maritime Logistics supports the operations that keep the lights on in homes, hospitals and economies around the world. The company assists customers with creating a more efficient offshore transport model for their businesses. Its combined shore bases, quaysides and vessel operations for major capital projects are supported by tailor-made IT systems for each of the company’s customers.

Within port services, P&O Maritime Logistics is enabling the flow of supplies in and out of ports around the world. The company provides towage, pilotage, mooring, and environment services using its fleet of tug boats, pilot boats and mooring boats. It also provides specialist services, including LNG bunkering and subsea maintenance of port infrastructure. 

Finally within cargo transport, P&O Maritime Logistics works to keep critical cargo moving. The company operates bulk carriers, tankers, research vessels and Multi-Carrying Vessels (MCVs). The MCVs are a specialist fleet of shallow draft deck carriers most suitable for river, river-sea and shortsea shipping. Having spent their first few years delivering Super-Out-Of-Gauge cargo through the Russian inland waterways for TengizChevroil, the vessels’ trading area has now been broadened to projects worldwide providing energy construction and container support and transport of minerals, agriculture products as well as renewable energy components.

P&O Maritime Logistics’ client list includes prominent international and national companies and ports including BP, Chevron, Eni, Saipem, Shell, Total, Saudi Aramco, Port of Maputo, Cargill, OK Tedi Mining as well as other international players. The company is also a driving member of the International Marine Contractors Association and the Smart Maritime Network and actively participates in the development and implementation of marine standards across the globe.

With the company’s robust track record, diverse assets and knowledge of its customers’ operations, P&O Maritime Logistics is uniquely positioned to continue disrupting the energy supply chain.


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