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  • Our Debt to the "Dockies"

    Our Debt to the "Dockies"

    07/04/2021 17:00:44

    Covid has taught us how quickly we can mobilise in a crisis; how expertise and effort combined can make for extraordinary results, even in the midst of adversity... We couldn’t help but be reminded of another herculean effort of skill, speed and determination which took place on British shores 39 years ago... The heroes of the hour then were the “dockies”.  The crisis was the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic.

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  • Come on board!

    Come on board!

    16/10/2020 16:54:35

    Maritime careers past, present and future

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  • WOW - Women on the Waves

    WOW - Women on the Waves

    06/03/2020 11:35:20

    P&O's pioneering seafarers - Past, present and Future

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  • Run Away to Sea!

    Run Away to Sea!

    01/11/2019 16:30:32

    Leave Brexit behind and run away to sea with P&O Heritage, as we reveal the story behind our most popular posters...

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  • Remembering D-Day - 75 Years On

    Remembering D-Day - 75 Years On

    05/06/2019 16:41:45

    On this 75th Anniversary of D-Day we remember the part played by P&O in 'Operation Neptune'...

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  • The Container Revolution: 50 Years Ago

    The Container Revolution: 50 Years Ago

    05/03/2019 18:48:44

    Half a century after then the world's largest container ship set sail, we look back and forward to the next revolution in sea trade.

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