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    Ship Name: LINDULA Official Number: 95083 Year Built: 1888 Built at: Dumbarton Fate Year: 1914 Ship detail: Builder: William Denny & Bros Yard: Leven Yard Yard No: 387 Vessel Type: Passenger / Cargo Propulsion: Steel Screw Steamer 3 Masts Engine detail: Q4cyl (24, 36, 48, 70 x 48in), 839nhp, 1-screw Flag: GBR Date completed: 24/08/1886 Date launched: 11/06/1888 Tonnage: 3346 grt / 2199 nrt Length: 350.4 ft Breadth: 42.1 ft Depth: 25.9 ft Draft: 17 ft 7 in First owner: British India Steam Navigation Co. Ltd., Glasgow First port of register: Glasgow Fate / Status: Broken Up 26/06/1914 Disposal detail: Sold for breaking up at Bombay LINDULA had broken her crankshaft and been taken in tow of MECCA(68059) on 23/05/1898 in Bay of Bengal / near Sandheads, outward from Calcutta for Rangoon. Towline broke on 24/05/1898 and in manoeuvring to reconnect MECCA was struck by LINDULA and sank. Captain, two engineers and about 50 of crew and passengers drowned. About 250 passengers and crew were taken on board the LINDULA, whose own crew had made temporary repairs to her shaft, and landed at Diamnond Harbour. Report:

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