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lauren young
13/05/2020 18:36:43

My grandad was on this ship after he served in the war in eygpt. I have just laid my grandad to rest today. He is my heroy insperation. A good man taken too soon. Sleep tight darling

mick Ard
13/05/2020 18:36:45

Sailed on this ship in 50s to Hong Kong

anthony aylott
29/06/2020 05:38:57

sailded to Singapor 1956

29/06/2020 05:38:59


Trevor Bartlett
21/01/2021 17:36:58

My mother, sister and I sailed on this ship Departing Southampton on 10/10/51 en route to Columbo Sri Lanka.

Brian Lewis
01/02/2021 15:50:48

I was shipped to Singapore in 1950's via Capetown after Nasser blocked the Suez canal.I volunteered for night duty in ship's hospital,and spent the trip in a cabin bunk instead of cramped standee!

John Tyler
07/04/2021 17:25:42

My mother,sister and myself sailed on this ship to Hong Kong where my father was stationed there approximately 1955.I was about 1 year old.My brother was then born in Hong Kong.

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