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  • Andrew Bond

    07/12/2010 11:37:29

    My father, Jack Bond served on Vasna

  • Jose Winters

    18/02/2011 15:45:05

    My father, William Arthur Rathbone, was also on the Vasna, after which my sister was named

  • Andrew Campbell

    25/04/2019 14:40:06

    My Mother Miss.Irene Joyce Cook served on the Vasna as a Nurse.After marriage my Mother became Mrs.Irene Joyce Campbell.On the 29 May 2019 my Mother will celebrate her 100th Birthday.

  • Andy Pidgley

    14/09/2020 11:35:37

    I have a bench made from the teak deck

  • Dulcie Appleton

    21/01/2021 17:36:48

    My father Ronald Edmondson served on the Vasna.

  • Elaine Harrison

    11/01/2023 08:48:56

    I have a small occasional table made from teak taken from SS Vasna,which I inherited from my aunt, whose husband served as a Major in the British Army. She died in 1999 . A small label on the underside of the table reads : 'Made by the HUGHES BOLCKOW SHIPBREAKING COMPANY LTD, Blyth, Northumberland from Teak taken from SS Vasna'

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