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thomas russell
31/01/2019 10:01:48

My name was Patricia Morris when I sailed on this ship in 1966.I was at Cove Secondary and we sailed from Southampton to Lisbon,Gibraltar,Malta,Egypt,Venice then flew back to Gatwick.I was in Chatwick dorm.It cost £35 for 14 days.Enjoyed every minute.Fernhill and Peter Symonds schools also were on her.Venice at that time was recovering from severe flooding.My uncle was on her when she was a troop ship.

Lawrence mantz
13/02/2019 09:37:53

Hi my name is lawrence Mantz. I went to creighton comprehensive school in Muswell hill , north London. I am looking for anyone who traveled on this ship from Venice visiting Hyfia. Egypt ect.

Denise Curtis
13/05/2020 18:30:54

I,m Denise Curtis (nee Cottingham) back in 1966 I went on the Nevasa. I went with Chobham Secondary Modern School in Surrey and Bagshot School joined us. We flew to Venice and got stranded due to the ship could not dock due to the bad weather it was just before Easter. It was a trip I have never forgotten

anthony harper
13/05/2020 18:31:11

My sons were on the ship Tweenaway secondary school Painton Devon

Sheila Howells
13/05/2020 18:31:27

My name is Sheila née Boshell. We sailed from Southampton in October 1968 for a cruise around the Med. I went to Danemark school in Winchester. We visited Spain, Italy and Greece. It cost £68 and we were allowed £40 pocket money for 2 weeks. Fabulous childhood memories.

Peter crawford
13/05/2020 18:31:38

Hi I was on this ship and sailed to Russia and Sweden, in 1966 ,I was 12 and came from Blackhall secondary modern, my name is peter crawford, don’t remember much else except the experience

Jenny Edwards
26/05/2020 07:31:45

I have just found a letter written by my father Herbert George Cavill to my mother written aboard HMT Nevasa in December 1938. He was in RAF and returning to England from Egypt. Some troops were aboard from Basra to Karachi, Aden, Port Sudan, Port Said.

Roger Bines
26/05/2020 07:31:56

I was with Fernhill School and sailed on the Navasa early sixties to Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt (Cairo) and Venice flying back to UK. What ever happened to my first girlfriend on board that memorable trip?

john walker
22/07/2020 08:32:12

SS NEVASA first commission sailed on her when she was a troop ship

Liz Williamson
22/07/2020 08:32:19

Hi. I was on the Baltic cruise in 1966 when a pupil at Ferryhill GT School. Had a marvellous time. Made friends with lots of different kids from Bishop Auckland, Darlington, etc. Only downside I remembered was awful fruit juice made from powder. 😕

Jane Stringer
20/01/2021 18:21:11

Hi I was on the SS Nevasa in 1970 from St Paul's Secondary School, Addlestone, Surrey. We flew from Gatwick to meet the ship in Venice, sailed to Athens, Santorini, Haifa, Israel etc. My name was Jane Walker

Jackie Sample
20/01/2021 18:21:19

My grandparents and their children sailed to the UK on HMT SS Troopship> From India to Southampton approx 1931-1934. I'm trying to find details of passenger lists. Can anyone advise?

Peter Roberts
20/01/2021 18:21:34

My name is Peter Roberts. In the mid sixties, when I was attending the Amman Valley Grammar school I went on an educational cruise on SS Nevada. We sailed from Swansea Docks, visiting Gibraltar, Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands, Madeira, Lisbon Portugal and returning to Swansea 14 days later. The holiday of a lifetime for me and the only time in my life I've ever visited foreign countries. We were supposed to visit Morocco but this was cancelled due to civil unrest.

Peter Roberts
20/01/2021 18:30:00

My name is Peter Roberts. I was on the SS Nevasa for an educational cruise in the mid sixties when I was a pupil of the Amman Valley Grammar school. We sailed from Swansea Docks, visiting Gibraltar, Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands, Madeira, Lisbon Portugal and returning to Swansea 14 days later. We were supposed to visit Morocco but this was cancelled due to civil unrest.

Paul Greet
01/02/2021 15:50:56

Hi, my name is Paul Greet, and I travelled on the Nevasafor three weeks in 1973 on an Educational Schhol Cruise. All inclusive total cost £50. We visited Holland, Norway and Denmark. Trip of a lifetime!

Jane Riddelsdell
17/02/2021 14:01:48

My name is Jane Riddelsdell (maiden name Rowley) I was on SS Nevasa for an educational cruise in March 1971 when I was attending Whitton Secondary School, Middlesex. We flew to Venice from Gatwick then boarded the ship for Crete, Izmir in Turkey and Itea in Greece. We were meant to go to Egypt to visit the pyramids but the Egyptians wouldn't let the ship in port so we were diverted to Athens instead. Fantastic cruise, it's coming up to the 50th anniversary.

01/03/2021 15:41:57

I remember going on this ship in October 1973 , it was with Sholing Girls School, I hated everyday of sailing, as I was sea sick everyday, I lost 2 stone in weight. Do any one else remember going on this cruise. The best memories was going on land to visit some amazing places.

Nick Morton
18/03/2021 20:34:27

My name is Nick Morton and I was on the Nevasa during the whole of December 1968. I was with a party of six boys from Hele's School in Exeter and there were 1100 sixth form students on board, approximately 930 of them were girls! We cruised from Southampton to Maderia and then across the atlantic to Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago. While visiting Trinidad we played a game of rugby against Trinidad and Tobago under 18's which was quite interesting as our training sessions were limited to running around the deck of the Nevasa at 6 am every morning and talking tactics in the classrooms. We won the game 53-5 however. The ship had to divert to Guadeloupe just before the return journey across the atlantic to replenish water supplies and all the students were let out for an unsupervised evening city tour. No further comment necessary. Christmas Day at sea. Visited Lisbon on the way back. The trip of a lifetime without a shadow of doubt, the only drawback being that no-one believes me when I say I once spent a month cruising around the Caribbean with 930 girls.

Nigel Emmerson
06/05/2021 16:34:30

I went on an educational Nevasa cruise for two weeks from Stockport during summer from Southampton with organized school trip. Early 1970'S. Stopping at Cadiz Spain, Agadir(Morocco), Lanzarote . Not much supervision by teachers when docked , Surprised I was not left behind. Did go on a few excursions with teachers. Got drinking vodka with Russian Navy sailors at a outside table in Cadiz port. They didn't speak English but were amused with me and my friends drinking there vodka. Slept in Bunk beds at bottom of boat. Not very comfortable when going through bay of Biscay in a storm. Many sea sick at that point. When at sea all day would sit with my feet dangling over the Bow of the ship. Seeing porpoises, Sharks, Large Rays and a whale as we crossed the Atlantic . The sea was quite calm and there were large marine life near the surface in front of the bow of the ship . Great experience.

Jill Mcintosh
03/11/2021 13:14:11

We left Southampton docks in February 1971 travelling to Gibraltar, Malta, Athens, Istanbul, Varna in the Black Sea and then back to Venice to fly home to Norwich UK. Not only did we have to work out different currencies in each country but we then came back to the UK for the introduction of the decimal coinage! Most of us girls from the Blyth Grammar School loved this experience, unfortunately a couple of girls never left their bunks due to terrible seasickness. What an experience in visiting these different countries and their cultures, I still love cruising but much prefer my comfortable suites and cocktails!

Daniel Leslie
08/02/2022 08:22:52

I was on this ship during the summer of 1972. Our trip was to Norway, Russia,Finland and Denmark

Tom Burrell
07/03/2022 11:51:49

Hi Im Tom Burrell. Sailed on this ship from Sunderland and sailed back. Visited Spain, Gibraltar, Oran and Portugal. Attended Broadway Secondary Modern. Cant remember the year, but early 70s. Many other Sunderland schools on board.

Tracy Mackel
14/07/2022 06:34:40

Hi my name is Tracy Mackel and I sailed on the Nevada in the early 70s from Sunderland to Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Russia. My school was Durham Wearside. It was a fantastic experience, from the Tivoli gardens to the special ballet performance in Russia.

Dr Jugjit Singh Sanghera
10/08/2022 07:49:44

Hi my name is Dr Jugjit Singh Sanghera sailed on the Navasa cruise from Southampton ( Nov 1967 ) thro Bay of Biscay ( very rough nearly all were being sick ) Tunisia , Crete , Rhodes , Izmir , Corfu and finally Venice before flying back to Uk My school was Portland Secondary School before going onto George Dixon Grammar School Edgbaston Bham do my A levels then University of Bham Medical School (197I)

Rosemary Viggiani (Quick)
11/01/2023 08:46:47

I was on a school cruise in the summer of 1973. We were supposed to go to Oslo, Visby, Leningrad and Copenhagen. But the seas were too rough to get into Visby so we went to Helsinki instead on the Sunday morning. Great memories wonderful experience, learned so much. Won the fancy dress going as a Chest of Drawers!

Judith Rigney
31/03/2023 10:19:56

I was on the Baltic cruise early 70's, we were slightly older coming from Dean College Edinburgh. It was wonderful my first trip abroad and my first experience of Baked beans for breakfast, I was appalled!😁. I did virtually the same cruise for my 60th, very differing surroundings with a very different Russia from the dark forbidding place it was in the 70's.We were terrified of doing something wrong and getting arrested. We were so lucky to have that opportunity!

Myra Sharkey
18/04/2023 15:26:06

Hi my name is Myra Sharkey. I was very lucky to be one of many schoolchildren on board Nevada cruising from Edinburgh to Helsinki Copenhagen Stockholm Leningrad docks and then train to Moscow. It was an incredible unforgetable journey. my school was Our Lady's High School and also Cumbernauld High School.wha5 an incredible history SS Nevasa. has..

Norma McArthur
08/12/2023 14:18:27

Hi, My name is Norma McArthur.(Finney) I went to Everton Secondary School Belfast.I went on the Mediterrean cruise in August 1969. Vigo Lisbon Gibraltar and Tangier.The cost was £55 and we were only allowed to bring £15 to spend.We sailed from Belfast ( the day the troops arrived in N.Ireland) to Liverpool to pick up other people.The only bad memory was being sick (with a lot of other people) crossing the Bay of Biscay.It was basic ..not like Cruises today but it was a great opportunity to see other countries at such a young age.

Adrian Briggs
08/12/2023 14:17:10

I was on the Kent schools cruise to the Baltic (Oslo (went to the top of the ski jump), Stockholm (can't remember anything specific, Leningrad (Summer Gardens), and Copenhagen (Tivoli)) in 1973, which was utterly wonderful. The only puzzle was why our guide in Leningrad was so keen that we see the Summer Gardens in preference to almost anything else in the city, but we ended up in a Beriozka shop, to buy gramophone records, so all was well in the end. Even the food was cheerful. Happy, happy days.

Lesley Chalmers
08/12/2023 14:16:00

I went on a cruise with our school Earlham school Norwich in the mid 70s 1974 or 5 I think we flew from Gatwick to Venice then cruised to Greece then Egypt passing Cypress and back to Southern Italy before we flew home again we crushed for 2 weeks it was lovely

Jane Townsend(Hurley).
08/12/2023 14:15:21

I went on the SSNevasa in 1966.I went to Bishop Simpson C of E Girls School,Redhill,Surrey.

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