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  • thomas russell

    31/01/2019 10:01:48

    My name was Patricia Morris when I sailed on this ship in 1966.I was at Cove Secondary and we sailed from Southampton to Lisbon,Gibraltar,Malta,Egypt,Venice then flew back to Gatwick.I was in Chatwick dorm.It cost £35 for 14 days.Enjoyed every minute.Fernhill and Peter Symonds schools also were on her.Venice at that time was recovering from severe flooding.My uncle was on her when she was a troop ship.

  • Lawrence mantz

    13/02/2019 09:37:53

    Hi my name is lawrence Mantz. I went to creighton comprehensive school in Muswell hill , north London. I am looking for anyone who traveled on this ship from Venice visiting Hyfia. Egypt ect.

  • Denise Curtis

    13/05/2020 18:30:54

    I,m Denise Curtis (nee Cottingham) back in 1966 I went on the Nevasa. I went with Chobham Secondary Modern School in Surrey and Bagshot School joined us. We flew to Venice and got stranded due to the ship could not dock due to the bad weather it was just before Easter. It was a trip I have never forgotten

  • anthony harper

    13/05/2020 18:31:11

    My sons were on the ship Tweenaway secondary school Painton Devon

  • Sheila Howells

    13/05/2020 18:31:27

    My name is Sheila née Boshell. We sailed from Southampton in October 1968 for a cruise around the Med. I went to Danemark school in Winchester. We visited Spain, Italy and Greece. It cost £68 and we were allowed £40 pocket money for 2 weeks. Fabulous childhood memories.

  • Peter crawford

    13/05/2020 18:31:38

    Hi I was on this ship and sailed to Russia and Sweden, in 1966 ,I was 12 and came from Blackhall secondary modern, my name is peter crawford, don’t remember much else except the experience

  • Jenny Edwards

    26/05/2020 07:31:45

    I have just found a letter written by my father Herbert George Cavill to my mother written aboard HMT Nevasa in December 1938. He was in RAF and returning to England from Egypt. Some troops were aboard from Basra to Karachi, Aden, Port Sudan, Port Said.

  • Roger Bines

    26/05/2020 07:31:56

    I was with Fernhill School and sailed on the Navasa early sixties to Lisbon, Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt (Cairo) and Venice flying back to UK. What ever happened to my first girlfriend on board that memorable trip?

  • john walker

    22/07/2020 08:32:12

    SS NEVASA first commission sailed on her when she was a troop ship

  • Liz Williamson

    22/07/2020 08:32:19

    Hi. I was on the Baltic cruise in 1966 when a pupil at Ferryhill GT School. Had a marvellous time. Made friends with lots of different kids from Bishop Auckland, Darlington, etc. Only downside I remembered was awful fruit juice made from powder. 😕

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