Run away to sea! - P&O-Orient Lines

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Run away to sea! - P&O-Orient Lines

In: Line Voyages
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Date: 1961-4

Medium: Offset lithograph printed on paper, laid on card

This poster was part of a campaign created originally in 1958 by David Ogilvy (later Ogilvy & Mather) for the Orient Line and later revived to advertise P&O-Orient Lines and P&O Worldwide services. This poster features ORSOVA sailmaker, Tom Cutter (thought to be in 1960 - info from Mike Hawkesworth 17-05-2020)

Featured Ship: ORSOVA (1954)

Shipping Line: P&O-ORIENT LINE

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  • Mark Joyce

    31/03/2023 10:19:53

    I was the boy in this poster!

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