This exhibition features original artwork and archive material (including film and photographs) from the P&O Heritage Collection, which is today proudly preserved by DP World.


The exhibition has been curated and produced by Beth Ellis, P&O Heritage



We are most grateful to the ‘Ten pound Poms’ and British migrants to Australia whose memories and testimonies have helped to tell this story.


Our thanks to the People’s History Museum for permission to reproduce our cover image.


Further Reading

Emigration is a huge subject and in this exhibition we have only just touched on P&O’s involvement with postwar British emigrants to Australia.


For a fascinating in-depth look at Britain’s postwar emigrants to Australia read:

‘Ten pound Poms - Australia’s invisible migrants’ by A. James Hammerton and Alistair Thomson, Manchester University Press, 2005.


To find out more about researching emigrants and passengers on P&O ships, download our ‘Passengers and Emigration’ family history guide. For a further insight into travelling and emigrating with P&O browse our online galleries and in particular our themed gallery accompanying the exhibition on 'Post-War Emigration to Australia'. For more information on CANBERRA explore our online exhibition.


Further Online Resources:

Museum Victoria & Immigration Museum

NSW Migration Heritage Centre

National Museum of Australia

National Archives of Australia


Credits & Further Reading