• P&O neon sign being installed at the P&O Head Office at Cockspur Street in 1956

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  • Crew and Passengers on board P&O's CEYLON in 1905

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  • the launch of P&O's CANBERRA at Harland & Wolff shipyard in 1960

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P&O Quotes - Crew member at a writing desk
  • No words can express what the country owes to our merchant seamen for their services to the nation during this war.

    Lord Inchcape, AGM, 1917

  • Every Britisher and Imperialist is proud of the Peninsular and Oriental Navigation Company. We feel it is part of the British Constitution.


    J. Henniker Heaton, 1913

  • For all the soul of our sad East is there,

    Beneath the house-flag of the P&O

    Rudyard Kipling, 1890

  • I have just been shipwrecked under the auspices of P&O and I assure you that it is the pleasantest thing imaginable.

    Mrs Dulcimer, 1863

  • . . . But still the wild wind wakes off Gardafui, And hearts turn eastward with the P&O's.

    Rudyard Kipling, 1890

  • If you are ever shipwrecked . . . do contrive to get the catastrophe conducted by the Peninsular and Oriental Company.

    Mrs Dulcimer, 1863

  • P&O is as old as seagoing steamships and its story weaves like a thread through the history of the British Empire.

    David & Stephen Howarth

  • Every P&O passenger list is a mosaic of British activities, official and unofficial, in the vast and populous regions of the Eastern seas

    F. A. Hook, 1920

  • It is generally not appreciated that the P&O Company is one of the very few old Companies whose fortunes were founded on steam.

    W. Girvan, September 1955

  • In all respects the house flag of the P&O is one of the most perfect I know.

    Colonel E. A. Ewart, 1937

  • I mean to slip away next month in a P&O steamer, the most comfortable place in the world to be

    Lord Inchcape, December 1923

  • . . . The six weeks of the longest P&O voyage - the run to Australia. Such a journey is the cream of human experience.

    Beatrice Grimshaw, 1926