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1940s Gallery

RAWALPINDI as an armed merchant cruiser in battle in the North Atlantic, 23rd November 1939 Malta Convoy under attack by J. U. 88's near Cape Bon, August 1942, painted in oils by Oswald Brett CANTON in 'dazzle' camouflage, serving as an armed merchant cruiser, during World War II STRATHNAVER serving as a troopship with the Australian Division on board, 1940 VICEROY OF INDIA was torpedoed and sunk off Oran on 11 November 1942 VICEROY OF INDIA sinking after being torpedoed by a German submarine on 11th November 1942 Dinner for the Home Guard during WWII Royal Navy Bulletin published at sea on board MOOLTAN, souvenir issue, 5th February 1944 A Christmas poem from RAF Officers stationed on STRATHALLAN during World War II STRATHNAVER as troopship during World War II with the 1st Australian Division onboard An elephant being shipped from Rangoon onboard a B.I. ship, c.1945 Photograph of Sir William Currie, Chairman of P&O from 1938 to 1960