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1930s Gallery

P&O Centenary commemorative brochure, 1937 The spacious sports decks on STRATHNAVER and STRATHAIRD in a P&O advert, April 1932 P&O brochure for 'First and Tourist Class Cruises' Brochure announcing the arrival of 'The White Sisters', October 1931 Painting of STRATHEDEN at anchor off Port Said, commissioned for P&O's Centenary Poster for 'P&O Christmas & New Year Cruises' P&O and British India lines poster featuring STRATHMORE, 1937 Brochure advertising the 'unique features' of STRATHNAVER and the 'White Sisters' P&O pleasure cruises poster featuring STRATHAIRD P&O brochure for the 1935 season of cruises on STRATHAIRD and STRATHNAVER P&O  'Gala Night' menu from STRATHAIRD, 22nd June 1933 Decorative 'New Years Eve' menu from CHITRAL, 1937 Dinner menu from STRATHMORE dated 22nd July 1936 Brochure for the 1931 season of cruises on RANCHI and VICEROY OF INDIA P&O Tourist Class Cruises brochure, 1933 'The Times P&O Centenary Number', published on Tuesday 7th September 1937 The tourist class ironing room on board STRATHEDEN, 1937 The launch of STRATHMORE at Vickers-Armstrong at Barrow in Furness on the 4th April 1935 The Duke and Duchess of York at the launch of STRATHMORE, 4th April 1935 Mahatma Gandhi and Captain H. M. Jack on board RAJPUTANA, 1931 P&O centenary celebrations at Port Said, 1937 The Cockspur street office decorated for the P&O centenary and the coronation of King George VI, 1937 The P&O Overland Express connected with the mail steamers at Marseilles