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1920s Gallery

VICEROY OF INDIA heading towards Bombay The launch of VICEROY OF INDIA on the 15th September 1928 at Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow  First class smoking room on board VICEROY OF INDIA, designed by Hon. Elsie MacKay VICEROY OF INDIA's revolutionary turbo electric motors were a first in British passenger liners Entrance to the music room on board VICEROY OF INDIA, 1929 VICEROY OF INDIA's dramatic funnels viewed from the bridge, 1929 The first class Pompeian pool on VICEROY OF INDIA was P&O's first indoor pool Some of VICEROY OF INDIA's crew relaxing in August 1929 Brochure for the first season of cruises on the new VICEROY OF INDIA, 1929 Shore excursion arrangements at Algiers for P&O cruising yacht RANCHI, 1926 Delayed by the war BARADINE entered service on the Branch Line in 1921 (Design for a poster) Winter tours by P&O, poster designed by F. Whatley P&O Handbook of Information, October 1924 P&O Branch Service to Australia via Malta, Suez and Colombo Card listing crew assigned to 'no.10' lifeboat in case of an emergency evacuation P&O and British India's mail packages and passenger services calender for 1926 Brochure advertising Spring cruises on board RANCHI in 1927 Strick Line's ARABISTAN at Bandar Shahpour, Iran , December 1928 Brochure giving details of the advertised cruises for the 1929 cruise season 'BARRABOOL in heavy seas' painted in gouache by Jack Spurling, 1923 P&O's main booking hall at 14-16 Cockspur Street, c. 1920 Card from a P&O staff dinner held at Trocadero Restaurant on 16th March 1927.