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1910s Gallery

P&O's MEDINA, the Royal Yacht for King George V and Queen Mary's India tour, 1911 King George V and Queen Mary on board P&O's MEDINA in 1911 P&O acquired Lund's Blue Anchor Line in 1910, renaming it P&O Branch Service In 1910 P&O acquired the assets to Lund's Blue Anchor Line in the wake of the loss of WARATAH KAISAR-I-HIND at sea, painted in oils by Charles Edward Dixon, c.1914 Portrait of The Rt. Hon the Earl of Inchcape, painted in oils by Philip De Laszlo A P&O Pocket Diary & Almanac for 1910 Passengers embarking MANTUA at Tilbury, c.1910 BI's BHARATA shown dressed overall for Victory Day at the end of World War I 'Dazzle' camouflage was used to deceive the enemy as to the size, outline, speed and course of a ship Wounded from HMS PRINCESS ROYAL coming onboard hospital ship PLASSY after the Battle of Jutland H.R.H. King George V and Commodore Bruce inspecting the crew and troops on board PLASSY, June 1917 PLASSY as a hospital ship during World War I Injured soldier being winched on board hospital ship PLASSY in a makeshift stretcher A Ward on board the hospital ship PLASSY The Captain and Senior Officers on board PLASSY, c. 1913 Wounded soldiers on board hospital ship PLASSY, 1916 Some of PLASSY's patients after the Battle of Jutland, 31 May 1916 Operating theatre on board the hospital ship PLASSY BARALA served as an Indian Expeditionary Force transport during World War 1 The first Tasmanian contingent for WWI onboard GEELONG loading at Hobart in 1914, bound for the Middle East EDAVANA in dry dock following a fire ORAMA as an Armed Merchant Cruiser at Sydney, October 1915 MASHOBRA on fire and sinking after being torpedoed by an Austrian submarine during World War I ROTORUA in the Pedro Miguel Lock, Panama Canal, 15th September 1916 SHIRALA sinking in the English Channel after being mined in 1918 During the war the London office of the Hamburg-Amerika Line was requisitioned and later sold to P&O in 1918 The booking hall of Hamburg-Amerika Line's Cockspur Street office which P&O acquired in 1918 Corner of the Booking Hall of the Hamburg-Amerika Line Office, later the P&O office at 14-16 Cockspur Street