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1900s Gallery

Programme of Pleasure Cruises by VECTIS for January to May 1906 P&O brochure advertising the first 'cruise' on board VECTIS in July 1904 P&O cruise brochure for pleasure cruises on board VECTIS, c.1900 Autumn cruises on the P&O cruising yacht VECTIS, 1905 P&O brochure for a pleasure cruise on board VECTIS, October 1904 Programme of Pleasure Cruises on VECTIS for 1905 P&O cabin baggage label for the cruising yacht VECTIS Advertising brochure for cruises to the Baltic and the Northern Capitals on board VECTIS A programme of shore excursions on board VECTIS for a cruise in August 1904 First class dining saloon on board MOLDAVIA, c.1903 MOLDAVIA's music room, situated directly above the Dining Saloon, c.1903 The saloon on board MOLDAVIA, c.1903 Autographed portrait of Duke of Cornwall, later King George V, dated March 1901 DELHI ran aground off Morocco with HRH Princess Royal and family on board VECTIS painted by William Lionel Wyllie on a Baltic cruise MOREA in dry dock, painted in oils by Bernard F. Gribble Postcard of British India's DUNERA